Transparent credit-based billing

Pay for what you use and share credits across multiple accounts.

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$ 29
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Let's consider the example of an AI image generation app, where the customer gets 10 credits on a purchase transaction of $9 and it costs them 1 credit to generate 1 image.

To accommodate this user, you'll use 11 credits in total: 1 credit for the $9 purchase transaction and 10 credits for 10 image generation.

Which means by using UseCredits, you can support 909 paid users or 9100 image generations, making you $8100 with just a $29 purchase of 10,000 credits. And this gets better with the higher plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask everything you need to know about our product and offerings.

How does it work?

UseCredits is an integration, you link it to your Stripe/Paddle Dashboard. From the UseCredits Dashboard, you set up credits to top-up for your products. Any successful checkout made on your products will automatically top-up the customer's account. From your application, you can use our SDK to debit the customer's account.

What if I have multiple accounts?

You can link any number of accounts with your UseCredits Dashboard. Your credits are shared across all your accounts.

What if I can't use all my credits?

You can link any number of accounts with your UseCredits Dashboard. Your credits are shared across all your accounts. We're using credit-based billing for UseCredits, you can top-up as and when you want, no need for big commitments.

What if I run out of credits?

Your payments will continue to work. We'll send you an email when your credits are running low. You can track your usage and top-up your credits from your UseCredits Dashboard.

Do I still need to code?

Credits are automatically topped up when a customer makes a successful checkout. You can use our SDK (3 lines of code) to debit the customer's account. That's it!

Do you need access to my API key?

We need the key to set up the right webhooks to listen to your successful checkouts. We don't use your API key for anything else. We store your API key after encrypting it. In Stripe, you can create a Restricted key to only give limited permissions. See our Stripe docs for more information.

What data do you collect?

We only collect data required to provide our service. This includes your email, your account ID, and your customer's email to uniquely identify them. We don't collect any other data.

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